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Latvia, 5th (Bradt Travel Guide)Eventhough Latvia is a very small country in Baltic region, you will probably need a high quality travel guide for main Latvian cities, especially for Riga. Bradt Latvia travel guide not only provides traditional travel type attraction information with photos but also opens a good view on Latvian history, culture, life. Many people keeps mixing the countries of Baltic like Lithuania and Latvia. I think you will never do it again after reading this Latvia travel guide. As we expected, Riga is the main topic of the book. But there are other beautiful places, especially from Latvia nature are well explained in the book. The only minor negative thing can be the quality of photos. Anyway, if you want to enjoy your trip to Latvia, this book will definitely please you. Buy at Amazon

p.s : What about learning some useful phrases in Latvian language?! :)

Learning Latvian Language

Latvian, this interesting sounding and linguistically attractive language is spoken by approx. 1,5 million native Latvia speakers and 150,000 abroad as the first language. Another 500,000 people know Latvian language as a second language. If you want to grab a conversational level of knowledge of it, you should study a book like Latvian English phrasebook & dictionary or take private lessons. There are not much sources freely available in Internet. Better way is surely learning from a Latvian girl directly with love :)

Anyway I would like to conclude this article with a few love words in Latvian

I love you very much : Es tevi loti milu
I miss you : Es ilgojos pec tevis

and finally .. :))

Would you like to dance with me? : Vai jus velaties dejot?

Attractive and Smart Latvian Women for Marriage

There is a popular debate amongst most men from Western countries. Are Russian women or Ukrainian women more beautiful? Well, my answer is Latvian girls because I consider beauty not only physically but also "with a sense of life". The target is happiness. Latvian girls are mostly very well educated and have strong family values, very dependent to their husbands. If you can marry a Latvian girl, you can consider yourself lucky since she will do naturally most things for you to continue a successful happy marriage. Anastasia Date is one of the best dating websites on Internet and also it has around 100 girls in their database who wait to meet for their dream men. You can communicate with most girls using video chat. Register at Anastasia Date and start talking with the girls you like, now !

Pure Style - Rita Latvian Girl for Dating

Rita is one of the most attractive girls where you can't easily find on any dating site, I guess. On her profile at Anastasia International dating agency, she has written that she is a joyful and positive girl who enjoys the life much and want to share the future with her dream man who is generous and smart enough to spend a lifetime together. She is a green eyed blond girl with a really unique refreshing spring look.

Dating by email and calling is possible but I suggest using video chat since she has an intermediate level of English.

Please use this link to look her profile in detail and contact her immediately.

Dana - Cute and Intelligent Latvian Beauty

What do you seek for a serious dating? Only beauty? If you think beauty would be enough for your happiness, you are strongly mistaken. The key point for a happy life with a woman is to be able to communicate with her about many topics with freedom and knowledge.

Dana made an impression on me that she is a type of woman with whom a man will never get bored. At the age of 22, it is not easy to be able talk already in English, German and Italian. This enthusiasm show that how she is eager to learn new things in life. Dana is a dancer and enjoys acting, music and sports as hobbies as well. Her favorite dream man is strong, kind, free minded and joyful.

Her profile is here to contact by email, calling or video chat.

Inga Beautiful Girl From Riga Latvia

I know that most people think that Russian women are the most beautiful women in the world. In my opinion, Latvian girls are very beautiful as well and as an additional characteristics very intelligent and educated to spend a lifetime together. I have visited Riga several times and in no other city, you can find such unique stylish and beautiful women.

Inga is one of them who want to meet a western person for serious dating. She is nice, cute and defines herself as kind hearted with good sense of humor. She enjoys going out, especially to theaters and cinemas. She seeks a man who is kind, trusted and responsible.

You can contact her by email or using video chat which I think it is the fastest and easiest way to start dating.

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